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Tooth Fairy Pillow

Hi there!

My daughter is of that happy age when teeth start wiggling and jiggling and popping out.

Can I just say right now that wiggling teeth give me the heebie-jeebies. I’m talking spine-tingling, stomach-turning heebie-jeebies. Luckily my hubby can handle this. Whew!

My daughter was super excited about the tooth fairy…and all the goodies he/she might bring. Being the totally unprepared, fly by the seat of my undies parent that I am I had to whip up a tooth fairy pillow the day of. My daughter said it had to be a pillow she could set on her bed…not a little pouch to hang on her doorknob as I suggested (hoping for a little easier tooth fairy duty). So here’s what I came up with…

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Sarah


The pillow fabric is left over from a skirt I made my mom. The tooth and heart are felt. I just free-handed the shape of the tooth and had my daughter help me with the heart. Both of the felt pieces are open at the top to create pockets. The tooth goes in the heart and the tooth fairy leaves his/her surprise in the tooth pocket.

And yes…that is a $5 bill…apparently the tooth fairy rates have increased exponentially since I was a kid. Maybe the tooth fairy will deliver a quarter or a dollar next time…just to keep things interesting.


And just a little teaser…something really exciting is brewing around here. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!




Because every kid needs to feel like a super hero

Here’s a little cape I made for a birthday boy.  Homeboy loves Elmo, so in addition to some noisy, singing elmo hands (yep…I’m that gift giver)…I whipped up a super hero cape.

Super P

He can be Super P on this side…but with a swift flip of his cape…

Super E

He’s Super E…(elmo).  It turned out really cool.  I did a google search for Superhero Cape Tutorials…and for the life of me I cannot find the one I printed out.  There are some really great tutorials out there.  Now I need to make one for my daughter…she’s been begging :)

The Texas Quilt

A fellow Texan and good friend is having her third son.  And she never got a baby shower for the first two.  So this quilt had to be extra special.  And what could be better than a quilt to celebrate the great state of Texas…

The Texas Flag Quilt

Here is the front.  I wanted a scrappy look, so the squares are placed at random.  Even the Star is scrappy and raw-edge appliqued to give it extra age.  I outline quilted the star across the entire quilt.

Back of the Texas Flag Quilt

The back is pieced with a fun blue fabric and red and white from the front.  And of course a tag to name the quilt.  The quilt is approx. 50″ x 45″…I think…at least that is what I had on my drawing…I didn’t measure it before it left my house…

Totally going to make each of my kids one of these.  They were both born in Texas, and Texas will always feel like home no matter where we reside.



The Canada Quilt

I teased you a while ago with pics of the fabrics for The Canada Quilt.  And here it is…

Front of Canadian Flag Quilt

I didn’t have anyone else to help hold it up, so its draped over the couch.  Some friends of ours requested this quilt and I have to say it is one of my all-time favorites.

Back of Canadian Quilt

For the back I found a red and white houndstooth.  So awesome!

Maple Leaf Close-up

Maple leaf is raw-edge appliqued to add to the scrappy homemade goodness.  I love it so much I might have to make one for myself.