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Quiltcon Blocks

Hi There!

Have any of you heard about Quiltcon? It is a conference put on by The Modern Quilt Guild for all things modern quilting. This year was the first ever conference held in Austin, TX (my hometown). I heard it was spectacular. If you are interested click on the links above. You can also check out the lectures from the event for free on Craftsy.

I didn’t get to go. Totally bummed and still a little bitter about that. But I got to go to Craftcation instead, so I can’t complain. Anyways, The Modern Quilt Guild held a contest for the conference. Quilters from all around the world entered up to 3 quilt blocks for the chance to have their blocks featured in a final quilt that would be raffled/auctioned (can’t remember) at the event. The remaining blocks would be assembled into several quilts that would be donated to charity. How awesome! Sign me up!

So here is what I came up with:

My three quilt blocks for The Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon Challenge

My three quilt blocks for The Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon Challenge


The challenge required us to use the colors of the Quiltcon Logo. Love the colors! Here is a little look at each block and the inspiration behind it.

First up…Random Squared

Random Squared

Each little square measures 1 inch by 1 inch. The pattern is totally random, however I can’t tell you how many times I moved little squares around, snapped a pic, then moved some more. I decided to leave out the charcoal gray color because it felt a little overpowering.

Next up: Stereo Levels


Do you see it? It reminded me of the sound bars on a stereo. I can’t remember the dimensions of each piece exactly, but I believe each little piece finished at 1 inch by 2.5 inches.

And finally: twist and turn

Twist and Turn

This is a doodle I’ve been drawing on graph paper since I was little. I was inspired by the drawings of M.C. Esher and celtic designs. The idea is that the colors all flow into one another and then come back full circle, but with lots of twists and turns. The inner squares finish at 1 inch by 1 inch.

It was a lot of fun to work with this challenge. While I didn’t make it into the final quilt, I did make it on the stage. They used some of the charity quilts as a backdrop for the presenters at Quiltcon. Can’t wait to see what challenge they come up with next year. Crossing my fingers I get to attend next year!




The Nautical Quilt

Nautical Front

Here is a Nautical Themed quilt for a special little addition to our extended family. The quilt is made using the “Sweet Dreams Sailboat” pattern from the book Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. The pattern was perfect for this occasion and went together beautifully. I used all Kona Solids on the front.

Nautical Themed Quilt Back for a Friend

Nautical Themed Quilt Back for a Friend

For the back I found this cute sailing-themed print that just worked perfectly.

I was really stumped for the longest time as to how to quilt this one. Then I decided to follow the diagonal of the sails, but have them meet at a point in the center. Might have to follow this quilting again, as it was quick and gave some nice movement to the quilt.



The New Orleans Quilt

I wanted to create a quilt that had a New Orleans/Mardi Gras feel without being too literal…i.e. green, purple, gold and beads. I ran to my favorite local quilt shop, Strawberry Patches, and begged the assistance of the owner, Suzanne, to help me find the perfect fabrics for my vision. I think she wanted to call the police and have me admitted…but she persevered and hooked me up with the perfect fabrics. I wanted that purple and gold feel with some brown, green and blue undertones. A little mystery and a little gritty-ness…

New Orleans Quilt front

We selected four fabrics for the background: 3 batik fabrics and one quilting weight cotton. The Fleur-de-lis is made with two gold fabrics: one quilting weight cotton and one batik. The darker Gold is used as the binding. The back shows off all the main fabrics in larger scale.

New Orleans Quilt Back

Some detail shots:

Detail of New Orleans Quilt Front

All quilting was completed on my Bernina 440 with my trusty walking foot. Applique is raw-edged to give it an aged feel.

Quilting Detail of New Orleans Quilt Back

This one is headed off to a friend living in New Orleans. As soon as I can get my tush to the post office.

Front Detail

The Robot Love Quilt…Finally…

Seems like it has taken me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to post these pictures.  Probably because it has been forever.  I actually finished this quilt back in December…I think around December 10th.  Well, I forgot to take pictures…until we were outside a bowling alley at 8pm at night.  So the pictures were a little less than spectacular.  So the wonderful people who took this quilt all the way to Canada to give as a wedding gift took some pictures for me. I know…excuses, excuses.  So without further ado, here is the Robot Love Quilt:

Robot Love Quilt Front

For a refresher, here is the link to the inspiration for this quilt.  The very talented artist behind kindlime’s creations allowed me to re-create the Robot graphic in Applique for this quilt.  I first blogged about the fabrics here.  Close up of the applique:

close-up of applique

The graphic is so cute and really made this quilt very special.  The wedding couple originally sent out this invitation, so we wanted to incorporate that into the quilt.  I played off the other design element of the invitation, the gears, with the rest of the design.  Choosing different greys and blacks to make each individual gear.  Once I had all the fabric cut and the design worked out on graph paper, it came together really quickly.

The back was very simple since the front really needs to be the star.  I quilted in the ditch for most of the quilt and then just outlined the applique and added vertical lines around it.

Robot Love Back

I think I will try the gears idea again in a future quilt.  It was really fun to play with the placement and color value of each gear. 

A very sincere thank you to Sara Funduk of kindlime for allowing me to use her design.  Please go check out her kindlime shop on etsy and her new shop, MrHandsomeface, opening up February 1, 2011 .



Its about time…

Christmas 2010 Sunrise

Christmas 2010 Sunrise

It’s that time again…resolution time…

I know I’m getting to it a little late, but better late than never…

It might be a little cliché, but the new year always brings about a sense of renewal…that there are endless possibilities…that you can put last year behind you and move on.  So I’m taking that feeling and running with it.

While I do have the traditional goals of exercising more and getting healthier, a big one is trying to be a little greener at home.  I’m trying to make some baby steps like recycling, reducing our electricity usage, buying local and organic and just cutting back on our consumerism.  (that’s going to be the hardest…I LOVE me some Target). 

Going a bit greener ties into two of my other goals: spending less money and having more quality time with my kids.  That is probably my biggest goal…to really spend some good, quality time with my kids.  I still have to keep the house in order and find time to workout and cook and maybe brush my teeth before noon…but I HAVE to work on investing in my kids more.  There are a couple facets to this goal:

1) having more structured days.  I’m trying to wake up before the kids, usually by 6am.  Not going to lie…its only happened once since christmas but I’ve had an awful cold (I seriously didn’t know the human body could produce so much snot…y.u.c.k.).  The flip side to that is going to bed by 9 or 9:30…which I’m already breaking while writing this…I know…off to a fabulous start.

2) unplugging for the majority of the day.  Hello, my name is Liz, and I am addicted to the computer.  I am.  I will leave it on all day and go check every 5 minutes to see if someone posted something on facebook.  Maybe I got an e-mail.  Let’s face it…I am not that popular.  And to be honest…I think I should be glad I’m not that popular.  But my kids think I’m pretty cool (at least right now…maybe in 2 years they won’t) so I need to unplug and really get down on the floor and spend some time with them.  The other part of unplugging is turning off the TV.  I have been soooooo bad about letting my kids watch TV.  I used it as a crutch to let me get stuff done around the house…now it is pure habit.  I mean, we haven’t been watching the Exorcist or anything…but even educational TV doesn’t need to be on all day.  We are now on day two of unplugging (although I went for a haircut so I’m not sure if hubby caved).  There have been major times I’ve wanted to cave and just turn the happy glowing box on so the kids will stop whining…but I have resisted.  I’ll update on our progress…say a few prayers :)  I also have to cut down on the number of blogs I follow.  That is going to hurt.  There are so many talented and inspiring people out there.  But I think its time to cut the list down.  All for the greater good.

And to round out the list, I want to really explore my blogging…try to find my voice and purpose and still bring some killer quilts to the mix. 

Practicing my photography is on the list.  Starting Jan 1 I have vowed to take more pictures in Manual mode.  They look so.much.better.  Honestly. 

And Last but not least, Quilting.  I finished two awesome quilts before the holidays.  I’ve just been waiting on some pics to post to the blog.  They will be posted next week, along with some other projects currently in the works.  I’m hoping to get the nerve up to open an etsy shop this year.  But I’m not rushing it.

So here’s to a joyful new year!



Baby E’s Quilt

It was such a thrill to work on this quilt.  One of my dear friends gave birth to beautiful Baby E.  They decided to wait to see if Baby E was going to be a boy or girl until the birth…so I needed to make it unisex. 

Baby E also has an awesome older brother so I wanted to make it a nice size so they can lay together on it.  The quilt measures about 45″ x 45″.

The back is pieced with strips of scraps from the front.  I quilted about 1/8 inch on both sides of the seams.  The blue binding is the same blue from Baby W’s Quilt.   I used the “wrong” side of the fabric again to get a more mottled blue than a leafy, flowery print. 

incidentally Baby E is a boy…so i hope he likes it!


Robot Love Quilt

This is such a fun quilt to work on!  Recieved a request from a customer to make a quilt based off a wedding invitation.  The invitation is super cute and really speaks to the couple’s personality.  I have something pretty cool in store for these little beauties.

You can check out the wedding invitation here.

(Disclaimer: I have contacted the maker of this invitation to request permission to use her designs in this one-time quilt.  Please respect her creative genius…I sure do!)