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Whole Cloth Quilt

Love this quilt! Found a beautiful fabric at my local quilt shop and couldn’t bear to cut into it…the solution? A whole cloth quilt.

Whole Cloth Front

So what looks like the back is actually the front. This fabric is from the “Its a Hoot” line by MoMo for moda fabrics.

Whole Cloth Back

For the back, I fussy cut a tree from the feature fabric. Then cut strips of coordinating Kona Solids. This is quilted using my waves pattern quilting. Yummy, Quilty goodness all the way around. The quilt is approximately 40″ x 50″.



Get your tickets here

Get your tickets here

I was lucky enough to attend Craftcation this past weekend in sunny Ventura, CA. **Huge shout out to the hubster for taking over my job for 4 days while I attended. Not only were all three kids still alive and healthy, but he even did laundry and kept the house clean-ish. So kudos to him. Did I mention he now has a cold and feels deathly ill…**

So what is Craftcation exactly? Here’s what their twitter profile succinctly states:

“Craftcation is an indie business & DIY workshop conference. This three-day event is a retreat to inspire, network and build upon the independent craft business.”

Craftcation is Awesome…but let me tell you my top 3 reasons to attend:

1)      Connections, networking, awesome people. Everyone at this conference has something to share, something to give—even you. I think I finally get why people go to Star Trek Conventions…because it’s a weekend spent around “your” people. If you dig crafts and dig indy biz…then these are your people…let the crazy out.

The organizers told us to bring a lot of business cards…they were right. You hand them out like crazy. You also get them like crazy. I met so many wonderful, crafty people. And I get to continue these friendships online after the party ends. Plus you might just meet someone in your own neighborhood that you didn’t know existed before.

2)      Genuine, Real advice from Genuine Real experts. I am an introverted person by nature, so confrontation and asking for advice—basically talking to people—can be daunting. I can do it. It just takes a lot of pep talking and deep breaths. However, this conference has such an open, supportive environment that it feels safe to talk to these experts. It feels safe to start-up conversations because everyone is so open, genuine and supportive. Also, the advice gets personal—specific to you—not just canned answers you could read in a book.

3)      Open for all. It doesn’t matter where you are in your business. You may not even have a business (I’ll go ahead and raise my hand here). But if you have a dream of a business, there are people to help you, encourage you, and generally kick your butt in gear (I’m looking at you Tiffany Han). **In all seriousness, Tiffany Han rocked my socks…if you need a supportive kick in the pants to get going, she’s your life coach.**

If you are even remotely interested in this wonderful event, click over to their website and check it out. And if you are still questioning if this is for you, here are some questions they suggest to help you figure it out:

have you ever thought to yourself…

  • i have a great idea for a business but i don’t know how to start.
  • i want to turn my passion into my full-time job
  • i have a successful business and i’m ready to take it to the next level but i’m not sure how
  • i want to connect with people in my field but i don’t have the time or opportunity to make it happen
  • i’d love to learn something new and better myself/my business at the same time
  • i want new ideas to make my business more successful and inspire me

if you want to start, maintain or grown your indie business or take a break from your routine and learn something new while networking with fellow crafters…then craftcation is for you!

I sincerely hope I see you there next year!





It’s been really quiet here on the blog…because life offline has been CRAZY. Here’s the rundown:

Mr. Aaron Patrick made his entrance mid June. Yes, I might have been walking thru target while in labor…and I might have given birth 3 hrs after checking out. He is the most challenging baby of my three kids. He has the most devilishly handsome smile ever. He hates to be left out of anything. He loves food and hates to wait for it to be prepared. But he’s healthy and chubby and seems to like us. I think we will keep him.

We moved. Found a great place. The weather is beautiful. Couldn’t really ask for more out of a roof over our heads.

Sarah started kindergarten. My baby, my firstborn, has started her school career. Part of me still can’t believe it.

Lots of firsts: Sarah is reading now…everything…every sign we pass, every piece of text that flashes on the tv…everything; Aaron is crawling…nothing is safe anymore; and Sarah has lost her first tooth.

Bryan is a major character. He’s started the lovable habit of saying inappropriate words like “butt” hoping to get a reaction. He has taken to wearing some 3D glasses he got at a movie and button up collared shirts, so he can look like daddy.

I’ve managed to fit in a fair bit of sewing. I’ll post some pics in the coming weeks.

Otherwise, life has been crazy busy good. Sorry for the silence, but life has been full and I needed to be there instead of here.

And on another HUGE note…you’ll never guess where I am…Craftcation in Ventura, CA. My hotel room looks out over the ocean (turn 90 degrees and you see hwy 101, but lets focus on the positives here people). Having a great time and learning a lot! The people are pretty awesome too!

Here’s hoping I become a regular around here again…


Instagram newbie

So I came over to the dark side (or is it the light side) and got an iPhone and iPad at Christmastime. I immediately started downloading all these cool apps…

fastforward to today and I finally got my instagram account set up…I am sooo L.A.M.E. sometimes. Still trying to figure it out and get pics posted more frequently. Oh yeah…and somehow get those photos posted here on the blog and maybe print some of them out (I really need help!).

Speaking of photos…holy goodness I feel like I haven’t taken any photos this year. I was actually starting to get quite worried that I hadn’t documented ANY of this year. Then I realized…the majority are on my iPhone. WHEW! Praise Jesus! I always have my phone with me. And they are so easy to just upload quick to facebook and message to family. Two clicks and they are off…shared with everyone. Now to work on getting them off my phone and onto the hard drive.



The wedgewood blue quilt

Another baby, another quilt…and its so much fun!!! I love that family and friends are having babies left and right. It gives me the opportunity to make quilts for a special little someone. The nursery is Wedgwood blue with dark brown furniture. I had the perfect blue fabric in my stash. It’s a simple quilt, but I really liked the color combo.


Simple straight-line quilting across the diagonal of the blocks and then a few rings around the borders to complete it.


A pieced back to use up the scraps.

Such a great color combo!

So many things…

have been going on…

I’m 27 weeks pregnant with baby #3…surprise! After the miscarriage last year, we wanted to keep it a secret until things got a little farther along. Most everyone in our circle knows (since I can’t hide it at all anymore). We are super excited about it and can’t wait for the little guy to get here in late June.

We’re moving. Yes, impeccable timing! At least we are staying in the same state, so it’s not too crazy…but I might still be in denial about how much work it will be…denial is probably a good place to be right now.

I started a photography etsy shop. Yeah…surprise! I’ve always been interested in photography and decided to take a chance and put some of it out there for people to purchase. No sales yet, but lots of people looking and liking. Even if none of it sells, I gave it a shot. If so inclined, you can check it out at Blue Penny Photography.

Otherwise, we’ve been chugging along. Lots of changes coming and hopefully a lot more sharing on this blog. I’ve missed my sewing and sharing and hope to keep at it. I have been up to a little sewing and will be sharing that soon.

And now…maybe a nap…

Xavi’s Quilt

One of our dear friends had Baby Xavi a few months ago. Unfortunately they had to move to a new state shortly after Xavi made his entrance. We will miss them. Here is the quilt I made for the little man.

Front fo Quilt for Xavi

I was inspired by a few patterns I’ve seen floating around blogland right now. And of course, I finished up the back with the leftover scraps.

Back of Quilt for Xavi

All nice and crinkly…ready for a snuggle.