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Instagram newbie

So I came over to the dark side (or is it the light side) and got an iPhone and iPad at Christmastime. I immediately started downloading all these cool apps…

fastforward to today and I finally got my instagram account set up…I am sooo L.A.M.E. sometimes. Still trying to figure it out and get pics posted more frequently. Oh yeah…and somehow get those photos posted here on the blog and maybe print some of them out (I really need help!).

Speaking of photos…holy goodness I feel like I haven’t taken any photos this year. I was actually starting to get quite worried that I hadn’t documented ANY of this year. Then I realized…the majority are on my iPhone. WHEW! Praise Jesus! I always have my phone with me. And they are so easy to just upload quick to facebook and message to family. Two clicks and they are off…shared with everyone. Now to work on getting them off my phone and onto the hard drive.




Comments on: "Instagram newbie" (1)

  1. Oh your in for a treat. Instagram is the best.
    I usually upload them directly to twitter when I want a copy for my blog just right click and save to your computer. I am sure there is an easier way though. Instagram will load right to flickr and facebook too just link up your accounts.

    As far as printing there is a great site called Printstagram here That you can have little books and cards made with your photos taken right from the app. Its way cool.
    Have fun with it.

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