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The New Orleans Quilt

I wanted to create a quilt that had a New Orleans/Mardi Gras feel without being too literal…i.e. green, purple, gold and beads. I ran to my favorite local quilt shop, Strawberry Patches, and begged the assistance of the owner, Suzanne, to help me find the perfect fabrics for my vision. I think she wanted to call the police and have me admitted…but she persevered and hooked me up with the perfect fabrics. I wanted that purple and gold feel with some brown, green and blue undertones. A little mystery and a little gritty-ness…

New Orleans Quilt front

We selected four fabrics for the background: 3 batik fabrics and one quilting weight cotton. The Fleur-de-lis is made with two gold fabrics: one quilting weight cotton and one batik. The darker Gold is used as the binding. The back shows off all the main fabrics in larger scale.

New Orleans Quilt Back

Some detail shots:

Detail of New Orleans Quilt Front

All quilting was completed on my Bernina 440 with my trusty walking foot. Applique is raw-edged to give it an aged feel.

Quilting Detail of New Orleans Quilt Back

This one is headed off to a friend living in New Orleans. As soon as I can get my tush to the post office.

Front Detail


Ashlyn’s Quilt

Babies, babies, babies. They just keep coming :)

My dear friend had Baby Ashlyn in January. (see…I’m way behind). They decorated the nursery in soft pretty pinks and light greens. Her favorite print was damask. I was actually able to pull this quilt together from my stash, including a green damask print. Here’s the front:

Ashlyn's Quilt Front

The solid-looking green is actually a tiny polka dot print. And the White has a floral design on it. Very dainty and pretty. For the back I used mostly the white print, with a few strips added.

Ashlyn's Quilt Back

Hubbster said he liked this quilt the best of any I’ve made. I’ll take that.

CarolAnn’s Quilt

My wonderful cousin had a sweet baby girl. Which deserves a quilt. She decorated the nursery in ladybugs with accents of black and yellow. I lucked out and found a perfect fabric with ladybugs on yellow. Here’s the front:

CarolAnn's Quilt Front

What’s that? I promised better photography? At least this one is taken indoors. I was rushing to get it out the door since I was several months late delivering this. So my pint-sized little model was trying to lift a quilt as tall as she is.

My Little Helper

You make do with what you have…right?

The Oilers Quilt

Again…finished this one back in May…and I don’t think I ever shared. This was a commissioned quilt by my lovely quilt investor. It is based on of Gretzky’s 1969 Oilers Jersey. A nice Lap Size quilt for snuggling on the couch watching Hockey.

Oilers Front

Yes, these pictures are horrible. They were taken in the parking lot of a bowling alley. Classy with a K people…Klassy.

Here’s a shot of the back:

Oilers Back

I promise the photography gets better.


The Montana Quilt

I’m pretty sure I haven’t shared this quilt. Please excuse me if this is a repeat. I finished this quilt back in March. Have you ever seen the flag of Montana? Well, here it is in quilt form:

Montana Front March 2011

It is basically the state seal and the word “montana”. But let me tell you…that seal has a lot on it.

I wanted the quilting to look like rays of sunshine coming off the seal.

Here’s the back:

Montana Back March 2011

A big thank you to the hubby for modeling the quilt for pictures. And also a big thank you to my quilt investor for ordering so many quilts and believing in my dream.