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memory lane


I’ll spare you the details of the last few months…

I thought I would show you the first quilt I ever completed. It has a little history:

I learned to sew from a collective effort by my mom and my mom’s mom (my Grandma). We never really made any blankets or quilts. We mostly stuck to clothing and the occasional pillow. After my Grandma passed away, my mom inherited all her stash of fabric. My Grandma started quilting towards the end of her life. She was completely self-taught (to my knowledge). And since she didn’t really want for anything, people would gift her yards and yards of fabric. She saved her scraps in bags and made little blocks for a future scrap quilt. Fast forward a few years…I found a stack of these blocks sitting in her stash. Fresh from my first few quilting classes, I furiously laid them out and assembled this quilt top. It was the first quilt I completed.

The best part is that most of the fabrics in this quilt top came from something my Grandma had sewn for someone in our family. There are fabrics from dresses and shirts, vests and tops…all made by her.

Each time I look at it, it takes me down memory lane. Also makes me smile