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My Husband is a Genius

IMG_5302, originally uploaded by A meets Z.

That’s right…I said it.

At least, he is a genius for his latest home suggestion….and for marrying me…but let’s talk about this first thing.

Let me start by telling you that my man loves a clean kitchen. I think the rest of the house could be a wreck (and most of the time it is) but if the kitchen is clean, he’s a happier camper. I do a decent job of keeping the kitchen clean. I’d give myself a B…B+ maybe. Would I eat off my counters…probably not…but that’s beside the point…who eats off the counter anyways.

Where we always have problems is the dishwasher. He hates to unload it, and I just hate anything to do with cleaning in general.  He figured out a system that keeps the dishes in check, keeps the counters clear (for the most part) and has been sustainable for over a week now (H.U.G.E. accomplishment). So what’s his little contribution? Load and run the dishwasher every night. I know…rocket science! I’m sure people have been doing this since dishwashers were invented…why weren’t we???

This works because we can usually fill the dishwasher over 85% full each day so I don’t feel like it is a huge waste of energy or resources. I used to wait until my dishwasher was 100 to 110% full before I ran it. I come from a long line of dishwasher Tetris-like loaders….we have a system and try to strategically place as many items as possible into the dishwasher. I have even taken everything out of the dishwasher and re-loaded it so more would fit…probably doubling the time I spent on dishes….the type-A personality strikes again.

Now, I am a little less anal about the loading…dishes get washed while I sleep (can that count as multi-tasking?)…and every morning the dishes are unloaded while I sip my coffee and the kids eat. Then it is ready for the rest of the day’s dishes. Plus, since I haven’t crammed half of our entire collection of dishes into the dishwasher, it is easier and faster to unload.


I think I’ll keep him.



As I posted last week, Hubby and I were expecting baby number 3…until we found out the baby’s heart had stopped beating at about 10 weeks.

It was a regular monthly appointment.  We saw the doctor at 7 weeks and saw/heard a heartbeat.  We carried on with our lives…making plans for what was to come.  I was supposed to be 11 weeks along.  But no little heart beat could be seen.

My stomach dropped.  I was in shock.  Then came the tears.  That was a Friday afternoon.  My doctor suggested a D&C to remove the fetus.  So the following Tuesday, two days before my 30th birthday, I went to the hospital.

I’ve had two healthy, normal, run-of-the-mill pregnancies and now this.

There really isn’t any way to prepare for a miscarriage…and why would you?  And while there are certain similarities to losing a loved one, it is still a unique and strange experience.  I mean, you start planning and thinking of names and thinking of how to arrange furniture…and then without you knowing, or doing anything, all that is taken away.

I do believe that miscarriage happens for a reason.  Nature’s way of taking care of the universe.  And while I don’t have any anger, I think I’ll always have sadness.

They say miscarriage is very common.  It is.  We just don’t talk about it.  And for good reason.  If you have to experience it, you don’t really want to talk about it.  It is a subject full of questions with no answers.  It is death, unexplained.

And life still goes on.