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Joy of Love 3, originally uploaded by A meets Z.
I’ve been following Kelly Willette of Willette Designs for awhile now.  And Lucky Me…she’s doing a free workshop this month through e-mail called The Joy of Love.  There is still time to sign up is you want to join in on the fun.  Today’s assignment was 1) to capture someone you love doing what they do and 2) to work on finding the light in your house to get a proper exposure.  The above photo was taken in my dining room.  Bryan is sitting at the picnic table playing with his truck (kid has a thing for cars).  As you can see, Duplo blocks are scattered on the floor around him and he’s giving me is best grin as usual.  This was not the best light available in the house.  I had to crank my ISO up to 1600 so black and white helps with the overall effect.  But of the day, this was my favorite.  The top 3 are on my flickr stream if you want to sneak a peak.  Can’t wait for tomorrow’s assignment!
Go sign up…what are you waiting for!

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