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got me thinking

I have been reading Camille Roskelley’s blog Simplify for a while now.  I love the styling she uses.  The turquoise with red.  I think she has delicious quilt designs, fabric and she just seems like a really nice gal.  She’s giving away a copy of her book and some goodies on her blog…you should go enter!

But in that specific post she talked about her 3 goals that she set out for herself.  She calls them unrealistic, but with her talent, it is obvious she would succeed.  But it got me thinking about my goals.  And how I think I’m a bit all over the place when it comes to aspirations.  And if you have 50 different goals in 50 different subjects…odds are you aren’t going to succeed at any of them.  So I guess I need to do a little pondering and maybe focus my goals a little.  Like maybe down to 25 :)

I kid, but in all seriousness, I really need to sit down with pen to paper and flesh out some goals.  You know…in all my spare time…


The Robot Love Quilt…Finally…

Seems like it has taken me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to post these pictures.  Probably because it has been forever.  I actually finished this quilt back in December…I think around December 10th.  Well, I forgot to take pictures…until we were outside a bowling alley at 8pm at night.  So the pictures were a little less than spectacular.  So the wonderful people who took this quilt all the way to Canada to give as a wedding gift took some pictures for me. I know…excuses, excuses.  So without further ado, here is the Robot Love Quilt:

Robot Love Quilt Front

For a refresher, here is the link to the inspiration for this quilt.  The very talented artist behind kindlime’s creations allowed me to re-create the Robot graphic in Applique for this quilt.  I first blogged about the fabrics here.  Close up of the applique:

close-up of applique

The graphic is so cute and really made this quilt very special.  The wedding couple originally sent out this invitation, so we wanted to incorporate that into the quilt.  I played off the other design element of the invitation, the gears, with the rest of the design.  Choosing different greys and blacks to make each individual gear.  Once I had all the fabric cut and the design worked out on graph paper, it came together really quickly.

The back was very simple since the front really needs to be the star.  I quilted in the ditch for most of the quilt and then just outlined the applique and added vertical lines around it.

Robot Love Back

I think I will try the gears idea again in a future quilt.  It was really fun to play with the placement and color value of each gear. 

A very sincere thank you to Sara Funduk of kindlime for allowing me to use her design.  Please go check out her kindlime shop on etsy and her new shop, MrHandsomeface, opening up February 1, 2011 .



status update

So proud of his tower

For the most part, we’ve stuck to the “less TV for the kids” rule.  Man, has it been tough!  I didn’t realize how much I was relying on it to keep from having to deal with my kids.  That is really hard to admit, but that is what it boils down to.  We caved on the weekend, but I don’t feel as bad about that because it’s the weekend…and I veg out during the weekend any chance I get.  We also had a birthday party, so we were a little busy.  I will say that during the week I’ve cut the kids back by at least 40%.  The hard part is finding other activities to channel that time into. 

One thing I gave a lot of thought to this weekend was the idea of perfection.  It is so easy to look at others’ lives and think they have it all figured out…that they have all their ducks in a row and never make mistakes or get mad or get frazzled.  I think moms do this a lot.  It becomes too easy to have a playdate with someone for 2 hrs and come away thinking we know everything about the other person.  But in reflecting on my meetings with other moms of all different walks of life, it is the ones who let their mistakes show with whom I feel the most connected.  Those women who either choose to “let it all hang out” (figuratively speaking here folks) or do so by nature…those women make me feel the most at ease.  Those women are a calming influence because they let me know that I too can come as I am…imperfect.

So on that note, I think I’ll stay in PJs all day tomorrow…and I might just take a nap with the kids…or spend an obscene amount of time on Facebook essentially wasting an entire 2 hrs…

hope my husband isn’t reading this…

Its about time…

Christmas 2010 Sunrise

Christmas 2010 Sunrise

It’s that time again…resolution time…

I know I’m getting to it a little late, but better late than never…

It might be a little cliché, but the new year always brings about a sense of renewal…that there are endless possibilities…that you can put last year behind you and move on.  So I’m taking that feeling and running with it.

While I do have the traditional goals of exercising more and getting healthier, a big one is trying to be a little greener at home.  I’m trying to make some baby steps like recycling, reducing our electricity usage, buying local and organic and just cutting back on our consumerism.  (that’s going to be the hardest…I LOVE me some Target). 

Going a bit greener ties into two of my other goals: spending less money and having more quality time with my kids.  That is probably my biggest goal…to really spend some good, quality time with my kids.  I still have to keep the house in order and find time to workout and cook and maybe brush my teeth before noon…but I HAVE to work on investing in my kids more.  There are a couple facets to this goal:

1) having more structured days.  I’m trying to wake up before the kids, usually by 6am.  Not going to lie…its only happened once since christmas but I’ve had an awful cold (I seriously didn’t know the human body could produce so much snot…y.u.c.k.).  The flip side to that is going to bed by 9 or 9:30…which I’m already breaking while writing this…I know…off to a fabulous start.

2) unplugging for the majority of the day.  Hello, my name is Liz, and I am addicted to the computer.  I am.  I will leave it on all day and go check every 5 minutes to see if someone posted something on facebook.  Maybe I got an e-mail.  Let’s face it…I am not that popular.  And to be honest…I think I should be glad I’m not that popular.  But my kids think I’m pretty cool (at least right now…maybe in 2 years they won’t) so I need to unplug and really get down on the floor and spend some time with them.  The other part of unplugging is turning off the TV.  I have been soooooo bad about letting my kids watch TV.  I used it as a crutch to let me get stuff done around the house…now it is pure habit.  I mean, we haven’t been watching the Exorcist or anything…but even educational TV doesn’t need to be on all day.  We are now on day two of unplugging (although I went for a haircut so I’m not sure if hubby caved).  There have been major times I’ve wanted to cave and just turn the happy glowing box on so the kids will stop whining…but I have resisted.  I’ll update on our progress…say a few prayers :)  I also have to cut down on the number of blogs I follow.  That is going to hurt.  There are so many talented and inspiring people out there.  But I think its time to cut the list down.  All for the greater good.

And to round out the list, I want to really explore my blogging…try to find my voice and purpose and still bring some killer quilts to the mix. 

Practicing my photography is on the list.  Starting Jan 1 I have vowed to take more pictures in Manual mode.  They look so.much.better.  Honestly. 

And Last but not least, Quilting.  I finished two awesome quilts before the holidays.  I’ve just been waiting on some pics to post to the blog.  They will be posted next week, along with some other projects currently in the works.  I’m hoping to get the nerve up to open an etsy shop this year.  But I’m not rushing it.

So here’s to a joyful new year!