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Zebra got a boo-boo

my Daughter’s lovey is a Zebra…his name is Zebra…we are very original around here.

The other day, my daughter came to me in tears saying Zebra had a boo-boo.  His poor little tip of his tail was coming apart…

So Mommy needed to make him a band-aid…

What you don’t yet know is that we actually have two zebras…so far my daughter hasn’t caught on.  I read a horror story about someone having to replace a lovey only to find the toy was discontinued.  So when my daughter latched onto something I went out and bought a twin.  I cycle them out and keep them washed. It seemed like a great idea at the time…but of course I had to make an identical band-aid for Zebra 2…

Poor Zebra.

At least he has a wonderful friend to give him lots of hugs…



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