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but I never seem to remember to take them with me to the store…or I can’t find an acordian folder long enough to hold those store-generated ones.

So I decided to sew up a little holder that would actually fit them.  I picked up one of those free project flyers at JoAnn’s a while back….

Looking at the dimensions for the holder, I realized it wasn’t going to be long enough…so I added an inch on to the length and width to accomdate those pesky store coupons I kept getting.  Here’s what I came up with:

And the coupons actually fit!

I got this fabric as a FQ bundle at Michael’s for $0.98…that’s right…98 cents!!!  Here’s a view on the quilting detail…

Now this holder really only works if you only carry a few coupons to maybe a couple stores.  It suits me just fine.  I have a few thrifty friends who need whole organizing systems and binders…I aspire to be like them because they always have such awesome stories about saving so much…but my brain just isn’t ready for that yet.  But at least I can keep the few coupons I use in my purse…and the fact that the carrier is cute is a bonus!



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