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The Texas Quilt

A fellow Texan and good friend is having her third son.  And she never got a baby shower for the first two.  So this quilt had to be extra special.  And what could be better than a quilt to celebrate the great state of Texas…

The Texas Flag Quilt

Here is the front.  I wanted a scrappy look, so the squares are placed at random.  Even the Star is scrappy and raw-edge appliqued to give it extra age.  I outline quilted the star across the entire quilt.

Back of the Texas Flag Quilt

The back is pieced with a fun blue fabric and red and white from the front.  And of course a tag to name the quilt.  The quilt is approx. 50″ x 45″…I think…at least that is what I had on my drawing…I didn’t measure it before it left my house…

Totally going to make each of my kids one of these.  They were both born in Texas, and Texas will always feel like home no matter where we reside.




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