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King Quilted Pillow

Hello Again…

I’m getting a little better about posting.  I finally realized I could schedule posts for a later date…I’m kinda a dinosaur when it comes to this technology stuff…

I had the grand idea to try my hand at hexagons over the summer.  They were fun for hand work and easy to travel with, but in the end, I like my squares and triangles and machine piecing.  Well, over my long trip to Texas this summer, I picked up a charm pack and proceeded to make hexagons out of the stack.  Then I had all these hexagons…but not enough to make a quilt.  I thought about Pot Holders, but these didn’t really match my kitchen.  My daughter’s room, however, was in need of a little something.  So I made two King-size pillow cases in a shabby chic combo. She has a queen size bed in her room, so these will fill it up perfectly. This is the first one completed (it took a long time to quilt for some reason and I have a few more projects that are more important).  So the other one will be completed maybe next year…maybe…



Comments on: "King Quilted Pillow" (2)

  1. That’s a load of turning for the quilting. It looks worth the effort!

    • thanks! I got a little ambitious with the quilting. I think that’s why the other pillowcase is tucked away in a drawer with the safety pins still in it.

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