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Zebra got a boo-boo

my Daughter’s lovey is a Zebra…his name is Zebra…we are very original around here.

The other day, my daughter came to me in tears saying Zebra had a boo-boo.  His poor little tip of his tail was coming apart…

So Mommy needed to make him a band-aid…

What you don’t yet know is that we actually have two zebras…so far my daughter hasn’t caught on.  I read a horror story about someone having to replace a lovey only to find the toy was discontinued.  So when my daughter latched onto something I went out and bought a twin.  I cycle them out and keep them washed. It seemed like a great idea at the time…but of course I had to make an identical band-aid for Zebra 2…

Poor Zebra.

At least he has a wonderful friend to give him lots of hugs…



Happy Turkey Day

mmmm...pumpkin pie...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for…in no particular order

my kids

my husband

Reese’s peanut butter cups


my wonderful parents

my awesome brother

my great in-laws

my incredible sis-in-laws

my amazing friends

my entire extended family

my rockin’ sewing machine and my large fabric stash

and just life in general

God is good…Amen!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


I really try to use coupons…

but I never seem to remember to take them with me to the store…or I can’t find an acordian folder long enough to hold those store-generated ones.

So I decided to sew up a little holder that would actually fit them.  I picked up one of those free project flyers at JoAnn’s a while back….

Looking at the dimensions for the holder, I realized it wasn’t going to be long enough…so I added an inch on to the length and width to accomdate those pesky store coupons I kept getting.  Here’s what I came up with:

And the coupons actually fit!

I got this fabric as a FQ bundle at Michael’s for $0.98…that’s right…98 cents!!!  Here’s a view on the quilting detail…

Now this holder really only works if you only carry a few coupons to maybe a couple stores.  It suits me just fine.  I have a few thrifty friends who need whole organizing systems and binders…I aspire to be like them because they always have such awesome stories about saving so much…but my brain just isn’t ready for that yet.  But at least I can keep the few coupons I use in my purse…and the fact that the carrier is cute is a bonus!


Because every kid needs to feel like a super hero

Here’s a little cape I made for a birthday boy.  Homeboy loves Elmo, so in addition to some noisy, singing elmo hands (yep…I’m that gift giver)…I whipped up a super hero cape.

Super P

He can be Super P on this side…but with a swift flip of his cape…

Super E

He’s Super E…(elmo).  It turned out really cool.  I did a google search for Superhero Cape Tutorials…and for the life of me I cannot find the one I printed out.  There are some really great tutorials out there.  Now I need to make one for my daughter…she’s been begging :)

The Texas Quilt

A fellow Texan and good friend is having her third son.  And she never got a baby shower for the first two.  So this quilt had to be extra special.  And what could be better than a quilt to celebrate the great state of Texas…

The Texas Flag Quilt

Here is the front.  I wanted a scrappy look, so the squares are placed at random.  Even the Star is scrappy and raw-edge appliqued to give it extra age.  I outline quilted the star across the entire quilt.

Back of the Texas Flag Quilt

The back is pieced with a fun blue fabric and red and white from the front.  And of course a tag to name the quilt.  The quilt is approx. 50″ x 45″…I think…at least that is what I had on my drawing…I didn’t measure it before it left my house…

Totally going to make each of my kids one of these.  They were both born in Texas, and Texas will always feel like home no matter where we reside.



The Canada Quilt

I teased you a while ago with pics of the fabrics for The Canada Quilt.  And here it is…

Front of Canadian Flag Quilt

I didn’t have anyone else to help hold it up, so its draped over the couch.  Some friends of ours requested this quilt and I have to say it is one of my all-time favorites.

Back of Canadian Quilt

For the back I found a red and white houndstooth.  So awesome!

Maple Leaf Close-up

Maple leaf is raw-edge appliqued to add to the scrappy homemade goodness.  I love it so much I might have to make one for myself.



My Saturday…

What my Saturday Looks Like

whoops…Looks like i’ll be spending some quality time with my seam ripper today…*sigh*…there are still worse ways to spend a day…