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Remember those Lists…

Hi! It’s me again…deep thoughts by Liz time.  Remember those Lists…here’s what I did with them…

I took all the items in List one and wrote them on a blank sheet of paper so a lot of space was between each item.  Then I went thru and listed any and all goals I could think of for each. Yes, this copy is a rewritten version…I’m pretty messy and wanted a nice clean copy for you guys…you’re welcome).  Am I doing each and every one of these things currently…no…But the point is that I can revisit/rewrite this list at any time.  It gives me something to go back to and ask myself, “am I on track?”  We are working with trial and error here…not set in stone. 

List Two had all those time stealers—all the things keeping me from getting constructive stuff done.  I took each of those and tried to find ways that I could combat or eliminate the wasted time.  Don’t get me wrong…sometimes it’s just plain nice to waste time.  But I think my problem is that I waste so much time unconsciously, that I don’t have enough time left to choose to relax.  In my head, that’s how it works anyways.  Once again, am I doing all of this…no…But I still have this list that I can come back to and remind myself.

So there you have it—my visual version of working things thru.

Don’t kid yourself…it will probably change by next week…maybe I should have written in pencil…



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