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Baby W Quilt

I can finally share!  I finished this quilt quite a few weeks ago…maybe even a month or two.  Washed it to crinkly perfection and wrapped it up for Little Baby W.  Then all heck kinda broke loose…hospital stays and whatnot.  Anywho…here it is…

Front.  The cornerstones and binding are actually the wrong side of the fabric.  But it had a floral-leafy print on it that just didn’t work.  But I loved the background color.  So I just flipped it over and used the wrong side.  It has more of a mottled blue effect that worked with the rest of the quilt.  

Back.  Added some scraps to the back to add a little interest.  (and my darling hubby’s head peaking above the top)

Maybe one of these days I’ll start taking better photos…since that’s my other hobby (hopefully one day profession)…sigh…

Can I just add that this is one of my all-time favorites.  Love Love Love the color combo.  Of course, if I look in my closet, this is basically what you see…blue, green and some white.  Maybe some pink thrown in there for good measure…

So Baby W, hope you love it!  Sorry it took 2 months to finally get to you…but now you can really put it through the paces!




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  1. […] I quilted about 1/8 inch on both sides of the seams.  The blue binding is the same blue from Baby W’s Quilt.   I used the “wrong” side of the fabric again to get a more mottled blue than a […]

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