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Who’s watching…

Halloween Eyes

Happy Halloween!


Remember those Lists…

Hi! It’s me again…deep thoughts by Liz time.  Remember those Lists…here’s what I did with them…

I took all the items in List one and wrote them on a blank sheet of paper so a lot of space was between each item.  Then I went thru and listed any and all goals I could think of for each. Yes, this copy is a rewritten version…I’m pretty messy and wanted a nice clean copy for you guys…you’re welcome).  Am I doing each and every one of these things currently…no…But the point is that I can revisit/rewrite this list at any time.  It gives me something to go back to and ask myself, “am I on track?”  We are working with trial and error here…not set in stone. 

List Two had all those time stealers—all the things keeping me from getting constructive stuff done.  I took each of those and tried to find ways that I could combat or eliminate the wasted time.  Don’t get me wrong…sometimes it’s just plain nice to waste time.  But I think my problem is that I waste so much time unconsciously, that I don’t have enough time left to choose to relax.  In my head, that’s how it works anyways.  Once again, am I doing all of this…no…But I still have this list that I can come back to and remind myself.

So there you have it—my visual version of working things thru.

Don’t kid yourself…it will probably change by next week…maybe I should have written in pencil…


The Canada Quilt Fabrics

 A friend of mine approached me to make a quilt based on the flag of Canada.  Here are the fabrics so far.  The quilt is almost finished and should be delivered this week.  Can’t wait to show you how it turned out…I LOVE it!


Baby W Quilt

I can finally share!  I finished this quilt quite a few weeks ago…maybe even a month or two.  Washed it to crinkly perfection and wrapped it up for Little Baby W.  Then all heck kinda broke loose…hospital stays and whatnot.  Anywho…here it is…

Front.  The cornerstones and binding are actually the wrong side of the fabric.  But it had a floral-leafy print on it that just didn’t work.  But I loved the background color.  So I just flipped it over and used the wrong side.  It has more of a mottled blue effect that worked with the rest of the quilt.  

Back.  Added some scraps to the back to add a little interest.  (and my darling hubby’s head peaking above the top)

Maybe one of these days I’ll start taking better photos…since that’s my other hobby (hopefully one day profession)…sigh…

Can I just add that this is one of my all-time favorites.  Love Love Love the color combo.  Of course, if I look in my closet, this is basically what you see…blue, green and some white.  Maybe some pink thrown in there for good measure…

So Baby W, hope you love it!  Sorry it took 2 months to finally get to you…but now you can really put it through the paces!



More Me Time

Kids being Kids

 I almost missed this moment.  Not that there is anything specifically special about it.  It is just my two kids playing in our sprinklers on a random weekday.  But I almost missed it by cleaning the house or (more likely) reading a blog on the internet.  It is one of my favorite pictures to date.

Lately I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about my time management and responsibilities.  As noted in a an earlier post, we have had our share of craziness this year.  Even so, my struggle has always been feeling like I have so much I want to accomplish and not enough of me to get it all done.  A lot of you responded to my post of making more “me” time.  And I do have to say that Tuesday was pretty darn wonderful…but it got me thinking that maybe one day isn’t enough…maybe I want some “me” time most, if not all, days.  So to delve even further, I started two lists: one with all the “things” (responsibilities, hobbies) that I would like to/need to put time towards.  The second list contained the things that are essentially stealing my time away.  So here is what I started out with:

List one (Responsibilities): Housework, Kids, Church, Exercise, Sewing, Quilting Business, Photography

List two (Time stealers): Sleep, Facebook, Blog Reading

Some of you might note that my husband is not on list one (or two for that matter).  I am only talking about my daily life here.  I stay at home with the kids.  My goal here is to make the most of my time while hubby is at work in order to spend more quality time when he gets home.  So he’s on a list…just not any of these…

Also, let me interject here…I am far from an expert in any time-saving, soul-searching matters.  I’m just showing you how I’m working thru this process in my head and hoping it might help some of you out there.

So that is step one in the process.  If you want to follow along, take a few minutes and just write down all the things that you either have to or want to do in your day.  To me, a happy existence is getting those things that have to get taken care of done and out of the way, so I can get to all the stuff that I want to do.  Very rarely (if ever) have I thought to myself, “gee I really want to get those dishes done.” 

In the next posts, I’ll show you how I went from List to diagram (Have I mentioned I am a visual person…and type A…but that will be for another post.)

Happy Listing!