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Do you ever feel like your life has just gotten completely out of whack?  Like someone took your life and threw it in a blender and hit puree?  I think I’m there….or at least I’ve been there for the last month.  Sure having a sick kid can throw life into a tizzy.  Thank goodness she’s on the mend.  *crossing fingers and knocking on wood*

For so many weeks now we’ve been focusing on getting through the doctor’s visits and finding a diagnosis…and while we still aren’t there yet, we have a plan in place.  So while the parent in me might be breathing a tiny sigh of relief (but still wary of the next flare-up or illness), the inner me–the part aside of spouse or kids–needs a little work.  Not really sure when and if that will happen, but something has to give.  Unfortunately time is in short supply, and my energy level is running in the negative.

So how do you refresh and revive after stress?


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