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oh poor neglected blog

I think my husband and i have decided to scratch 2010 and just move on to 2011. The year started out with the mysterious rash on my son’s face and hiney. March gave us my husband’s knee surgery which he is still recoving from. May gave us viral diarrhea for both the kids…which my daughter never recovered from. August saw us in the ER and then admitted to the hospital. We’re back at home for now. And of course I’m having issues that need to be addressed. And the cherry on top…our hard drive died :( hence no photo in this post. We waited too long to back up our photos onto dvd. My hope is that they will be able to recover the hard drive…at least the photos and the itunes music.

surprisingly, I haven’t had a complete meltdown yet. I’m trying to remember the blessings and that it could always be worse. We are still in relative good health. we’ve almost met our deductible and max out of pocket for insurance, so maybe we’ll stop hemmoraging money. We still have friends and family to call on in emergencies. DH still has a job. And we are all still able to laugh.

So while I really want to forget 2010 ever happened, maybe it will get better in the next 3 1/2 months…there’s always hope…right…

So, now I need to get to work recovering a drive and finishing a quilt…and somewhere in there fold the laundry and clean the kitchen.


Comments on: "oh poor neglected blog" (2)

  1. Oh man! You HAVE had your plate full! I will keep your family’s health in my prayers– and that hard drive of yours! That is an added stress that I hope resolves QUICKLY!

  2. […] doing A LOT of thinking about my time management and responsibilities.  As noted in a an earlier post, we have had our share of craziness this year.  Even so, my struggle has always been feeling like […]

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