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How to schedule “me” time

I’m trying something new.  I am actually building a day or two into my week where I don’t have any official chores on my list.  Shh..don’t tell my husband.  But in all seriousness, since my second child was born, I have been a whirlwind of multitasking mommyness…and let’s face it, life was not meant to be all multitask all the time.  Its gotten to the point that I can’t even watch a movie at home without having something else in my hands to do.  It drives my husband crazy.  He’s constantly begging me to just sit down and watch a movie with him.  For some reason, I can’t slow down (maybe I think I’ll just crash and never reboot).  Whatever the case, I’ve gotten a little too crazy. 

I can vaguely remember a time, long ago, when I could sit with a piece of paper and a pen and with a deep breath explore the thoughts and worries running around in my brain.  As those thoughts poured out onto the page, so did the tension in my body.  But who has time for that?  The answer is you need to make time.  I need to make time.  Maybe this isn’t the season in my life when I can necessarily get out of the house to release my tension.  Maybe some of my current dreams have taken a back seat for a short while.  But I think I need to give myself the gift of unscheduled, uncluttered time. 

Now this ain’t gonna happen overnight.  And as sure as I am writing this right now, tomorrow my daughter will wake up with a fever.  But here’s my first step.  I changed my weekly schedule.  I have a weekly chore list that keeps me humming.  Basically it lists the little things that have to happen every day: feeding the dog (for some reason I forget this easily), making the bed, think about dinner, do dishes, etc.  Then I have a chore or a few chores to complete that day.  This system works for me because if I just started the week off with a list of all the things I needed to do I would feel way overwhelmed.  This breaks down all that week’s worth of cleaning into smaller little chunks.  And it tells me “hey, this is all you have to do today. If you get more done, great…but no worries.”  For example, on Mondays I clean the bathrooms and do laundry…Wednesday I vacuum, dust, and occasionally mop (that’s right…I said occasionally)…and the list goes on. 

I have now made Tuesdays no cleaning days.  Those are now my days.  Sure I still have to tidy and feed the dog and all those little things, but I’m going to give myself a whole day for me (well, as much as you can have a “me” day with two little ones running around).  And I think maybe the goal in the long run is to start slowing down on those days and spending a little more quality time with the kids.  Actually create some moments instead of surviving till bedtime.  Its a nice thought and a good, if not lofty goal.  And maybe it will open up opportunities to schedule more “me” time.

Life’s just too short to have a spotless house…



Do you ever feel like your life has just gotten completely out of whack?  Like someone took your life and threw it in a blender and hit puree?  I think I’m there….or at least I’ve been there for the last month.  Sure having a sick kid can throw life into a tizzy.  Thank goodness she’s on the mend.  *crossing fingers and knocking on wood*

For so many weeks now we’ve been focusing on getting through the doctor’s visits and finding a diagnosis…and while we still aren’t there yet, we have a plan in place.  So while the parent in me might be breathing a tiny sigh of relief (but still wary of the next flare-up or illness), the inner me–the part aside of spouse or kids–needs a little work.  Not really sure when and if that will happen, but something has to give.  Unfortunately time is in short supply, and my energy level is running in the negative.

So how do you refresh and revive after stress?

oh poor neglected blog

I think my husband and i have decided to scratch 2010 and just move on to 2011. The year started out with the mysterious rash on my son’s face and hiney. March gave us my husband’s knee surgery which he is still recoving from. May gave us viral diarrhea for both the kids…which my daughter never recovered from. August saw us in the ER and then admitted to the hospital. We’re back at home for now. And of course I’m having issues that need to be addressed. And the cherry on top…our hard drive died :( hence no photo in this post. We waited too long to back up our photos onto dvd. My hope is that they will be able to recover the hard drive…at least the photos and the itunes music.

surprisingly, I haven’t had a complete meltdown yet. I’m trying to remember the blessings and that it could always be worse. We are still in relative good health. we’ve almost met our deductible and max out of pocket for insurance, so maybe we’ll stop hemmoraging money. We still have friends and family to call on in emergencies. DH still has a job. And we are all still able to laugh.

So while I really want to forget 2010 ever happened, maybe it will get better in the next 3 1/2 months…there’s always hope…right…

So, now I need to get to work recovering a drive and finishing a quilt…and somewhere in there fold the laundry and clean the kitchen.