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turning over a new leaf

I’m on the verge of something big. 

I’ve had a hobby/dream for quite some time.  And it finally might be coming true.  A few more months will tell.  I almost don’t want to believe it because it would really be depressing if it all just fell apart.  But I guess I’m in control of that. 

Do you ever have these crazy dreams of following your passion and then that doubt creeps in and gnaws away at you until it just seems impossible.  That’s what I do to myself…all the time.  I’m afraid to put my dreams into words because that would mean that its my responsibility to actually make them come true.  If they just remain in my head then if they fall apart who cares…who knows but me.  But this time…the cat is out of the bag…I’m accountable…and the funny thing is that I am actually excited…not scared…okay so maybe a little scared, but more excited.  Tomorrow I might be terrified…but today…I am making it happen!



Comments on: "turning over a new leaf" (1)

  1. A favorite mantra of mine:

    “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail”

    Love You!

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