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ok…no sewing in this post.  just pondering.

Yesterday, I decided to call the local gym and see about a membership.  I thought, ya know, I like working out, but rarely get to focus on doing it because the kids are always awake or there are always chores to do…etc.  So why not join a gym…it offers daycare, so the kids can play while I workout.  And after talking with the very nice woman on the phone, I just kinda paused.  I’ve been hesitating signing up for a gym membership for about a year now.  And I’m not really sure why.  I think if figured it out yesterday.  Signing up for a gym was just one more “thing” on the list of to-dos.  One more place I had to be, one more commitment I had to make.  And frankly, I’m feeling a little overloaded.

I’ve been reading some about simplifying life and making under life…and a gym membership was completely against that.  The truth is, I have everything I need to workout right here.  Maybe I don’t have the fancy equipment and the freeweights, but I can workout in some form or fashion without the added expense, time and commitment.  Not to say I’m scared of commitment.  I’m just responsible for so much right now.  And there are so many things I want to do and I don’t feel like there is enough of me to go around.  Something has to give.  So why add to the list.  Working out is already on the list…why do I need to go to the gym too.

But it got me thinking…how can you simplify your life.  How can I step back and really examine my life and start to take away those things that aren’t really that important.  I really want to start investing in those things that I really enjoy and stop wasting time on things that don’t bring me joy or really just don’t add any value.  It’s a process…and I’m starting to think it will never end.  And maybe that is the whole idea…that it never ends.  Maybe the point is to be constantly mindful of what you are doing and to keep asking yourself, “does this add value to my life?”.


sshhh…its a secret

couldn’t resist to post these teasers.  This is a baby quilt going to a special someone, so I can’t show it full on.  I think I’m in love.  It is just so fresh and fun and totally out of my element.  Started with a focus fabric and chose/bought to complement that.  Then it just kinda free-formed from there.  My husband thought I was a little bonkers when I told him about the design…but once he saw the finished quilt he said (and I quote) “you pulled it off…I wasn’t too sure about it before, but it looks really good.”  Huge compliment from my DH!

Just needs a label and then it will leave my hands and wing its way to that special someone.  Hope they like it as much as I do! :)

on a completely separate note, I hope to be posting more in the coming weeks.  Our computer has taken a serious dive…so much so that I want to make it dive out the window.  A new model is on order and due to arrive at the end of the month (right before vacation) and hopefully this whole internet blog posting process will go much smoother as it currently takes me about an hour just to post…uuurrrggggh!