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(insert fanfare here)

just kidding…it probably is not that exciting unless you really like quilting and the process of coming up with a quilt.  This quilt was super easy to do.  The hardest part was deciding what fabric should go where.  Let me begin by telling you that I absolutely love graph paper.  I always have.  I can remember spending hours drawing shapes as a little girl in these cute little graph notebooks from Winns (like a Rite Aid or walgreens only cooler…cause I think they sold fabric).  Anyways, So I pretty much always start out with some graph paper.  This quilt was for a little baby girl.  I had a picture of the nursery “feature” wall.  It was a grid of 1.5 foot squares in pinks, greens, and browns.  Also had a picture of the purchased bedding from Target, so I kinda had an idea of what style to go with.  Modern and sweet with a very spring-like color pallet.  So I went to my local quilt shop for some inspiration.  I found this…

Girl Friday from Cosmo Cricket for Andover.  Uber-cute!  Took a fat quarter pack home and then added to it from my stash.  I ended up with 11 different fabrics for the quilt.  Some from the fat quarter pack, some from my stash…just so you dont’ think these are all from the same line of fabric.  Some I inherited from my grandmother, others are random finds.  So here is the front of the quilt drawn out on graph paper.

As you can see, I wrote out how many squares I would need, borders, cornerstones, etc.  Then gave myself a min cutting yardage.  The main deciding factor in the size of the squares what my fat quarters.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m kinda a Scrooge when it comes to fabric, so this size square allowed me to maximize my fat quarter usage. 

Next came the back.  I have seen a ton of quilts with an almost all white back except for a strip of color or strip of squares.  So that is where I got the idea for this.  Here is the graph paper drawing of the back.  You will notice that I included little pieces of the actual fabric and labeled it on the back of the quilt so I would know where I wanted each fabric.


I utilized a flannel design wall for the making of this quilt.  It really helped me lay out the pieces on the front and the back.  I made a makeshift flannel wall on the closet doors in our office where my sewing machine is.  Here is what it looks like…

Totally basic.  It is actually two different remnants that I attached to each door.  So I can still open the doors without having to take all the tape down.  Someday I hope to have a bigger, more permanent one…but alas…*sigh*

ok…back to business.  Now…finished the top.  Made my quilt sandwich…how to quilt?  The ultimate question.  I am not very confident in my stippling/meandering machine quilting…in fact I’ve never done it on a quilt.  And to be honest…stippling doesn’t appeal to my type A personality…but I happened to have a template for the cool concentric circles that fit my squares perfectly…so I broke out my handy graph paper and checked out the possibility…


Not the best drawing in the world, but you get the idea.  LOVED it!  So I actually used my walking foot and just swung the quilt around and around.  I was able to start at the side of one of the circles and just wind back and forth only finishing half of the circle at a time…then I would start again and complete the circle.  I really loved how the quilting turned out.  I plan to do this quilting again on something.  And it got me thinking…I dont’ have to make squares to fit my template…I could use any circle that will fit…a plate…a cup…anything.  So here is the finished product again…front …


and back…

And seeing these pictures makes me realize I have to work on my photography skills…yikes!

So there you have it.  An incredibly long post…long overdue!  Lots more to share…but another day :)




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