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the update: part II

So happy to report that life has gotten a little bit back to normal here!  After a frantic visit to the Pediatric Dermatologist, it has been determined that my little man is just of the sensitive type and prefers fragrance free, chlorine free, gentle, hypoallergenic diapers and wipes.  So i have raided our stores and removed all smelly, chlorinated, non-gentle items and replaced them with friendlier options for his behind.  It is working like a charm and things are starting to look a whole lot better.  {insert happy sigh}

His face has good and bad days.  Or I should say normal and red days.  But with lotion and TLC, we are making headway there too.  I have also come to learn that my son has a slight allergy to strawberries ( I think).  Last time he ate them, his back broke out in a red, bumpy rash…it could have also been the pico de gallo…but I’m betting on the strawberries.  Who knew I ordered a high maintenance little boy…

I promise I’m working on that post of the baby quilt: from start to finish.  But until then, I’ll just leave you with a little teaser of the current baby quilt in progress.  I started with a focus fabric and then just added from there.  No pattern other than the drawing I made on graph paper (oh how I love thee).  And it evolved from there.

see ya’ll soon (that’s right…I’m from Texas)


Comments on: "the update: part II" (4)

  1. Beebe Caviness said:

    Hey Liz, I had no idea you had a “blog” page! I love it; you are very creative I might add; just love the quilting you’re doing! Jianna has been here with Mike and I for a week while Bryan is in Houston (your favorite place) on business. She is contemplating taking on making the nursery bedding…looks like Beebe will be making a couple trips to help out! She’s got tons of talent that girl and her ideas already have astounded me! Jianna bought herself a sewing machine to get started. The only lessons she’s had was in junior high home-ec classes and a few tips from her good ole mom! If you saw the flower she made; you can see the colors she is going to use in the nursery.

    I’m happy that you finally found out Bryan’s problem with his skin! He is growing so fast; such a cutie-pie! Give Sarah and Bryan a big hug and kiss from Great Auntie Beebe!

    Love, Deb

    • I saw the flower on Facebook. Gave me a great starting place for my gift! :) I havent’ made baby bedding yet. I hear it can be a little tricky. But I’m sure the two of you can figure it out. If I can be of any assistance, let me know.

  2. You may be on to something with the pico. I had an uncle who was severely allergic to fresh tomatoes. Cooked, ketchup, paste, etc. didn’t cause problems, but the fresh variety would break him out and leave him very sick. May throw that into the strawberry equation.

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