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the update

I wish I had better news…Bryan is just doing horribly.  Now we have a bacterial rash on his face and a fungal infection all over his rear.  We are on oral anti-biotic and oral anti-fungals.  I really don’t see any improvement over the past 3 days of medication, but I am giving the medicine a week to work.  After that its time to bring in the specialists!  I can’t even concentrate on anything!  Its not that he is particularly sick or acting sick.  But he just looks awful!  And as a mom, I just can’t relax until my kiddos are doing better.  We might get brave and let him run around without a diaper later to try and air out/dry out his tushy.  (never thought I would type that sentence in my lifetime)…

But I finished a baby blanket gift for a dear friend in Germany.  Will be sending it and the baby blanket off tomorrow along with another quilt that is going to another special person.  Details soon my dears!  Can’t spoil the surprise :)

Till then, please pass a little prayer on up the line or keep your fingers crossed for our little baby….well that and for my sanity!  Is it time for a maragarita yet???


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