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Quilting Personality

I’ve been following quitling for only a short amount of time.  I started sewing when I was very young.  My grandma and I would make toss pillows and easy clothing items.  But I didn’t start quilting until about 3 years ago.  My husband and I moved for his job, and it just so happened that a quilting instructor lived literally 6 houses down the street.  She had 18 years of experience under her belt and was a fantastic person to boot.  She started teaching quilting classes every Friday and I eagerly awaited every one…I couldn’t get enough!  I still really can’t get enough, but only get to spend short snippits of time here and there between taking care of the kids and the house.  Anyways, with the short amount of quilting experience I have, I have determined that I am a thrifty quilter.  For instance, I get the opportunity to make a baby quilt for someone in the family.  Exciting because I actually get to make something for someone…and because I got to buy some new fabric.  (side note: I currently have a stash that takes up a whole closet in the house…so buying new fabric is a HUGE deal).  So I spent about 2 hours in the quilt store lovingly gazing at every collection.  Walking from display to display touching just about every bolt in the store.  (I’m not sure I can buy fabric online…I end up needing to feel it before I buy it).  Anyways, after the store workers asked me for the 5th time if I needed any help with the look that said “are you going to buy or did you just come to oogle”, I decided on a whole collection of fat quarters from the Girl Friday collection by Cosmo Cricket for Andover.  Huge splurge for me.  Here is a pic from Cosmo Cricket’s blog

So I get the fabrics home and then pull some from my stash that will play nicely.  I had already decided on a pattern, but before I cut into the fabric, I did what I always do…I figure out the way to get the most from that fabric.  I scrimp and I measure and I will adjust my idea just so I can use every little centimeter of that glorious fabric.  So here is what I have come up with:

Of course, its a little fuzzy since I took it with my webcam.  So those are cut 4 1/2 inch squares in the center (which i could get 4 out of one strip from a fat quarter.  So from each of the fat quarters I used for this, I only have to cut two 4 1/2 inch strips.  None wasted!  So as far as my quilting personality…I’m a scrooge!  I will use every possible nook and cranny of a piece of fabric and will alter any design in order to use the fabric to the hilt. 

I have issues…obviously…

So what is your quilting personality?


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  1. I also like to not waste fabric. But in my efforts to save pieces for other projects etc I have too much! Ive been haording fabric for years! I have about 10 large plastic storage tubs. I now make myself regulary give scraps (so hard to part with) to the kinder and school so they can craft with it. However this is after Ive make barbie clothes and cards first!

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