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late night thoughts

I really should start writing these things at night. That is when I do most of my mental pondering and wandering. (please pronounce that wandering with a little southern twang…makes it sound a little like wondering and wandering).

I am a bit of a night owl.  I used to go jogging at 11pm.  Which does not translate to my two early bird children…or my husband who will roll over at 4:30 in the morning and tap me to tell me he is awake and wants to talk. I am a sleep in, roll out of bed, give me 30 minutes to wake up and gather my thoughts person. I don’t particularly like to make conversation in the morning. And sadly, not even coffee can do the trick. The best antidote is time (ok…so the coffee doesn’t hurt). So for the past week, as I lay in bed at night, I think of all this wonderful stuff that I should be sharing on my blog…only I’m lying in bed…no where near the computer. And, let’s face it, I love my sleep…so I’m not about to get out of bed. I’ve found I need about 9 hrs a night to function. It’s amazing how some people I know can function on only 4 hrs of sleep a night. Crazy people. So why is all this relevant? well…its the new year. Monday starts the new work year. I am a stay at home mom and very, very thankful to be one. But I feel I’ve been slacking a bit. Feeling a little lethargic.

So I’ve come up with a master plan.

Not too excited about it since it involves an alarm. I am going to experiment with actually setting an alarm and waking up at a set time every morning. Maybe an hour of 30 minutes before the kids usually wake up. I think this might help me to get my thoughts together and oh I don’t know…maybe wake up a bit before I have to be mom. It’s an experiment. I’m hoping it goes well. We’ll see.

And if that goes over well, maybe I’ll start watching the news while walking on the treadmill…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Then maybe dedicate time to write this blog at night when I’m reflective and thinking…not in the morning when I can’t even put a sentence together…


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