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the update

I wish I had better news…Bryan is just doing horribly.  Now we have a bacterial rash on his face and a fungal infection all over his rear.  We are on oral anti-biotic and oral anti-fungals.  I really don’t see any improvement over the past 3 days of medication, but I am giving the medicine a week to work.  After that its time to bring in the specialists!  I can’t even concentrate on anything!  Its not that he is particularly sick or acting sick.  But he just looks awful!  And as a mom, I just can’t relax until my kiddos are doing better.  We might get brave and let him run around without a diaper later to try and air out/dry out his tushy.  (never thought I would type that sentence in my lifetime)…

But I finished a baby blanket gift for a dear friend in Germany.  Will be sending it and the baby blanket off tomorrow along with another quilt that is going to another special person.  Details soon my dears!  Can’t spoil the surprise :)

Till then, please pass a little prayer on up the line or keep your fingers crossed for our little baby….well that and for my sanity!  Is it time for a maragarita yet???


Creams and Quilts

We’ve been going through another round of “the crud” around here.  And to make it all worse, my son has some horrible diaper rash…or what I thought was diaper rash.  3 doctor’s visits later (don’t ask), I find out it is actually a fungal infection (enter shiver of yuckiness here).  Anyhoo, I was getting so so frustrated because all the doc kept saying was “just let it run its course.”  And while I know that certain things (viruses) just have to run their course, this was just getting worse.  So now we finally at least have a cream to slather on there.  And cross my fingers, it will hopefully get better soon!

So I went to pick up my son’s prescription anti-fungal cream…$149 anti-fungal cream(!)…the pharmacist asks me out of the blue how old my son is? 

“Just turned one” I replied. 

“Has he been taking any antibiotics lately?” the pharmacist asked.

“Well, yeah.  He had an ear infection before Christmas and has been on two rounds of antibiotics.” I replied.

The pharmacist went on to explain that little kids are susceptible to these fungal infections right after taking antibiotics because the active penicillin is still present in their stool and urine.  So if you don’t change their diapers soon enough, then the penicillin will cause this fungal reaction.  I’m not really sure of the specific chemistry behind the cause of this, so I won’t try to explain how penicillin will cause a fungal reaction.  But I am so glad that pharmacist took the time to talk with me about it.  Because I never would have known.  And now I will be more careful when either of my kids takes antibiotics in the future.  Just thought I would pass it along to whoever might want to know.  Now let’s get on the road to recovery!

On a totally different note, here is a pic of the baby quilt I’m finishing for one of the expected babies in the family.  It is for a little girl.  I posted about it last week.  Well, it is quilted and receiving binding right now.  I hope to have pictures and a look at how I created it from sketch to finished product by next week. (I move a little slow with two little ones).  So keep checking back!

Quilting Personality

I’ve been following quitling for only a short amount of time.  I started sewing when I was very young.  My grandma and I would make toss pillows and easy clothing items.  But I didn’t start quilting until about 3 years ago.  My husband and I moved for his job, and it just so happened that a quilting instructor lived literally 6 houses down the street.  She had 18 years of experience under her belt and was a fantastic person to boot.  She started teaching quilting classes every Friday and I eagerly awaited every one…I couldn’t get enough!  I still really can’t get enough, but only get to spend short snippits of time here and there between taking care of the kids and the house.  Anyways, with the short amount of quilting experience I have, I have determined that I am a thrifty quilter.  For instance, I get the opportunity to make a baby quilt for someone in the family.  Exciting because I actually get to make something for someone…and because I got to buy some new fabric.  (side note: I currently have a stash that takes up a whole closet in the house…so buying new fabric is a HUGE deal).  So I spent about 2 hours in the quilt store lovingly gazing at every collection.  Walking from display to display touching just about every bolt in the store.  (I’m not sure I can buy fabric online…I end up needing to feel it before I buy it).  Anyways, after the store workers asked me for the 5th time if I needed any help with the look that said “are you going to buy or did you just come to oogle”, I decided on a whole collection of fat quarters from the Girl Friday collection by Cosmo Cricket for Andover.  Huge splurge for me.  Here is a pic from Cosmo Cricket’s blog

So I get the fabrics home and then pull some from my stash that will play nicely.  I had already decided on a pattern, but before I cut into the fabric, I did what I always do…I figure out the way to get the most from that fabric.  I scrimp and I measure and I will adjust my idea just so I can use every little centimeter of that glorious fabric.  So here is what I have come up with:

Of course, its a little fuzzy since I took it with my webcam.  So those are cut 4 1/2 inch squares in the center (which i could get 4 out of one strip from a fat quarter.  So from each of the fat quarters I used for this, I only have to cut two 4 1/2 inch strips.  None wasted!  So as far as my quilting personality…I’m a scrooge!  I will use every possible nook and cranny of a piece of fabric and will alter any design in order to use the fabric to the hilt. 

I have issues…obviously…

So what is your quilting personality?

late night thoughts

I really should start writing these things at night. That is when I do most of my mental pondering and wandering. (please pronounce that wandering with a little southern twang…makes it sound a little like wondering and wandering).

I am a bit of a night owl.  I used to go jogging at 11pm.  Which does not translate to my two early bird children…or my husband who will roll over at 4:30 in the morning and tap me to tell me he is awake and wants to talk. I am a sleep in, roll out of bed, give me 30 minutes to wake up and gather my thoughts person. I don’t particularly like to make conversation in the morning. And sadly, not even coffee can do the trick. The best antidote is time (ok…so the coffee doesn’t hurt). So for the past week, as I lay in bed at night, I think of all this wonderful stuff that I should be sharing on my blog…only I’m lying in bed…no where near the computer. And, let’s face it, I love my sleep…so I’m not about to get out of bed. I’ve found I need about 9 hrs a night to function. It’s amazing how some people I know can function on only 4 hrs of sleep a night. Crazy people. So why is all this relevant? well…its the new year. Monday starts the new work year. I am a stay at home mom and very, very thankful to be one. But I feel I’ve been slacking a bit. Feeling a little lethargic.

So I’ve come up with a master plan.

Not too excited about it since it involves an alarm. I am going to experiment with actually setting an alarm and waking up at a set time every morning. Maybe an hour of 30 minutes before the kids usually wake up. I think this might help me to get my thoughts together and oh I don’t know…maybe wake up a bit before I have to be mom. It’s an experiment. I’m hoping it goes well. We’ll see.

And if that goes over well, maybe I’ll start watching the news while walking on the treadmill…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Then maybe dedicate time to write this blog at night when I’m reflective and thinking…not in the morning when I can’t even put a sentence together…