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just kidding

I know…I know…I said I was back and then I leave you hanging…

I promise I have been busy. So much so I had a little adult tantrum on Sunday. My poor husband volunteered to go to the grocery store…alone…to give me time to “calm down”…It worked. I just got a little overwhelmed with a few projects. For one…I am attempting a project with my neighbor…its a wall hanging that will be a sort of keepsake for my kids when they are old enough to appreciate it…like when I’m 60. Anyways, we really don’t have a pattern and I’m just kind of making it up as I go along. Well, I started to sew a seam…realized it was not going to work…and then realized that I just created another 2 hrs of work for myself because I would now have to sit and rip that seam out centimeter by centimeter…it was at that moment I had a little tantrum. But I’m over it now. Can’t show you pictures yet…because I haven’t taken any…haha…but I will soon.

So Tuesday I sewed up a little stocking for one of my parents visiting over the holidays. I’ve had a bit of a felt explosion in my house as a result of making holiday banners…here is an example of my Thanksgiving banner…

So I’ve made about 4 banners so far…and collected a gaggle of felt (not really sure what you call a large gathering of felt…so just run with it).  I have grand plans for many more banners, but other things have gotten in the way…like stockings.  I’ll post some pics later today.  They are really quite cool if I do say so myself.

After making the stockings I power-basted this quilt top during my kids’ afternoon nap.  I say power basted because I had absolutely zero time to dilly-dally or relax.  And also, it has to get done as it is supposed to be a christmas gift…that has to be mailed.  So I will be furiously quilting over the next few days…hopefully finishing before my parents arrive on Sunday and my son takes over my sewing room.  I better get a move on…African fabric quilt


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