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sewing machines and fuzz…bad combo

I have an absolutely wonderful sewing machine.  I LOVE it!  My husband surprised me with it 3 years ago on my birthday…he is a completely thoughtful and wonderful man…*sigh*…but back to my lovely machine…tonight I had to clean it as the little service light was flashing at me with a vengeance.  Let’s just say…if it were a cat it would have been hacking up a furrball…YIKES!  I’m surprised it didn’t shut down in protest…

Note to self:  check for lint, fuzz, and general ickyness in sewing machine more often…


Welcome to WordPress

moving over here from Blogger…we’ll see how it goes. So far so good.

have I ever mentioned that I hate committing to something on paper (blog)…choosing a name for this blog was AWFUL! I’m always afraid I’m going to get tired of a name in a few months…much like I get tired of the furniture layout after a few months and want to change it. (much to my husband’s dismay). maybe that’s why he leans towards really heavy furniture…so he knows I won’t move it on my own without serious injury. Anyways, this title reads A meets Z for many reasons and interpretations:
1. all encompassing…from A to Z
2. I am type A…but as always with kids and pets and husbands…and well life in general…it gets a little craZy!

So here’s hoping I don’t get tired of this title and want to change anytime soon :)